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  • Roman or roller blind, each to his

    Roman or roller blind, each to his own style! . You can also make your own customised blinds with the untreated bamboo weave together with rail and blind mechanism kit. The bamboo blind is a vegetable material that stands up to changes in temperature and humidity. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it can be reduced in both height and width.

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    040/060mm   060/080mm   100/120mm   120/140mm   140/180mm  

    This dried bamboo cane can be used

    This dried bamboo cane can be used in an infinite number of ways, so many are its applications: contemporary and natural décor and design items with separation of living spaces, creation of indoor railings, etc. Natural and simple, bamboo gives a bold exotic, relaxing, and restful touch to your interior.

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    Highly fashionable, this untreated

    Highly fashionable, this untreated bamboo weave appeals for the elegance and refinement it brings to your home decor. Its size makes it easy to adapt to your living spaces as wall coverings for your bathroom or kitchen, since bamboo is suited to all kinds of humid environments. Natural decoration, Japanese partitions, or mounted as blinds.

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  • The raffia weave is a wonderful

    The raffia weave is a wonderful natural decorative material, produced from palm tree leaves from Madagascar. Adaptable as a wall covering or as a natural cladding for furniture, bedheads, partitions, drop ceilings, this raffia weave is appreciated for its softness and strength. Make your own fashion accessories using this fine material: bags, shopping bags, hats, or decorative items

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  • Our white willow rods are used in

    Our white willow rods are used in the traditional craft of woven articles. For baskets of any shape, trays, armchairs, willow is a natural living material to work with. It is also a guarantee of strength and tradition. Enjoy the pleasures of this traditional hand-craft, which was a sign of quality in the past. Willow can also be stained to match.

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  • You can also use a number of rattan

    You can also use a number of rattan materials for your wickerwork and creative leisure activities. This plywood base will help you to create decorative items and unusual and lovingly crafted wickerwork.To measure the cane diameter you need precisely, a reed gauge is an appropriate tool

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